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File name templates

File name templates allow you to specify a consistent format for your file names. To do this, we use components which are replaced with values during the file name build process. You can find out more about the available components here.

Editing templates

  • Click on components or Punctuation to add to the editable template.
  • Use the remove button on a component in the template to remove it from the editable template.
  • Select any component in the editable template and use the move buttons to move the component left or right along the template

Arranger and orchestrator

Oltk file name templates can handle file names with or without arrangers and orchestrators. It is recommended to build your template to take into account both orchestrators and arrangers. Oltk will remove the orchestrator and arranger related components when they are not in use for a work. You can see the example file names that will be generated in each situation in the Example panel. Use the Arranger Label Text and Orch Label Text boxes to customise what is shown when you use the ArrLabel or OrchLabel components.