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To enable ArtsVision Integration:

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations.
  • Check the Enable ArtsVision integration check box.
  • Most users can leave the url as it’s default value https://av2.artsvision.net. ArtsVision support can advise if this needs to be different.
  • Enter your API key and EpicId. (You will need to contact ArtsVision to get this information for your organisation.
  • Add any ‘detail separators’. These are used for parsing the ArtsVision detail field into separate instruments. e.g., if your detail field for the clarinet section for a work looks like this, 1.2/ebcl.bcl then you should add the . character as a detail separator. In this example, we don’t add the / character as it denotes an instrument double, not the boundary between individual players.
  • Press Save.